Access Keys:

Model School Primary School, Northland Rd, County Londonderry

Entry Rules

  • All schools should now send their entrance fees (£75) for this years competition.
  • You should also confirm the contact name and number for each school.
  • The money should be sent to Mr GERRY Mc Stay c\o St Patrick's High School Middletown Road Keady BT60 3TH.
  • You should also stipulate the name of your teaching professional and we will send you back a voucher to the value of £50 which the Professional can redeem from Ulster GUI.
  • All schools are asked to have a fund-raiser for  BREAST CANCER NOW minimum £100 which will be presented on Finals day T.B.A

Playing Rules

Each team shall consist of 5 players.

Boys must be in 4 th year or earlier.

Girls of any age can play.

Games will be singles matchplay. This is the fastest golf no 4balls

Handicaps will be used when both players are playing with full differences.

Where one or both players have no handicap it will be a flat match. However if both teachers decide to even out a 1 sided game they may award discretionary shots on the first tee. We are trying to encourage youngsters to play and teachers can change the number of shots every 4 holes if required.

In the event of a tie holes up will be taken into consideration to determine a winner if both schools finish with equal points at the end of the section.

Team sheets with handicaps should be exchanged on the first tee

Teachers must ensure adequate supervision and that games should be played in a good sporting spirit.